Bioenergy Bardejov s.r.o

The biomass power plant in Bardejov started to produce green electricity in January 2010. Furthermore, it supplies more than 7 000 households in Bardejov with heat produced from renewable sources of energy which is cheaper than natural gas. The biomass power plant in Bardejov is the only facility of its kind in Slovakia. Austrian technologies which are used here enable for production of combined, highly efficient electric and heat energy from renewable sources. The Austrian technologies belong to technical leader in Europe.

The company BIOENERGY BARDEJOV, s.r.o. is the investor as well as the operator of the biomass power plant in town of Bardejov. The power plant is currently operating in a test year, during which compulsory testing of emissions must be carried out. Should the continuous testing show that the operation of the power plant does not produce pollution which is above normal, the operator gets permit for continuous operation of the power plant. Austrian technologies used in the biomass power plant belong to the top ones in their field. The company RIEGLER & ZECHMEISTER GmbH,

which has been developing highly modern equipment for boilers for thermal power plants and biomass power plants for over twenty years, is the supplier of these technologies. The company Bardenergy s.r.o. sells electric energy, and distributes and sells heat energy produced in the biomass power plant in Bardejov. Bardenergy s.r.o. has signed a purchase contract for the sale of heat for the period of twenty years with the company Bardterm s.r.o.. Bardterm s.r.o. is the company managing the heat economy of the town. The Company guarantees its customers the price of the heat, which is 10 % lower than the price of heat produced by burning natural gas.

Selected technical data and parameters of the biomass power plant

  • annually processes about 100 000 m3 of wood (wood chips) - which is a daily consumption of 12 - 15 trucks of wood
  • the thermal output of the facility is 25 MW; it produces and supplies about 200 000 - 250 000 GJ of heat to its customers annually
  • the electric output is 8,2 MW; it produces 65 000 MW / h of electric power annually
  • four people are sufficient to operate the biomass power plant
  • only water vapour and CO2 gets into the air after burning of the wood chips
  • 2 filter systems retain ash dust: first system collects fly ash, which is being burnt once again and the second system retains microscopic particles
  • this ash dust can be used as a fertilizer in agriculture

Building-up of the biomass power plant in Bardejov

The Municipal council in Bardejov approved of the contract for investment support for the company Bardenergy s.r.o. in 2007. The very construction of the biomass power plant began in November 2008 and the general contractor of the construction was the company URBAS GmbH. In the middle of October 2009, the mounting of technologies was completed and testing of individual elements of the technology in the power plant began. The heat exchange stations located in the boiler houses of the company Bardterm s.r.o. were activated with some breaks in the month of November 2009.

Progressive replacement of production of heat from the natural gas started. In December, a connection of turbine with generator started and testing of electricity supply to the distribution network of VSD, a.s. took place. Test operation has started in January 2010 (has been running for a year now). Compulsory testing of emissions, as well as synchronization of electric and heat energy supply will take place during the test operation. However, since January 2010, under contractual obligation of the investor, the price of heat for the inhabitants of the town who are connected to Bardterm s.r.o.

distribution system is 10 % lower than the agreed price for the year 2010 for production of heat with natural gas. In addition to the construction of the building and putting the technologies into operation, building-up of a 6,5 km long warm water piping was a part of the work. This warm water piping joined 12 boiler houses supplying heat produced by the biomass power plant. This was associated with diggings in the town but the investor undertook to reinstate the roads as well as pavements or to build new ones. Finishing touches will take place after the winter, in spring of 2010, when it can be assumed that the landed up excavations will "fit".