development of the region

Fossil fuel resources and supplies on the Earth are diminishing and a transition to renewable sources of energy such as wind, sun, terrestrial heat and biomass is increasingly being highlighted. One of the problems when producing the heat is natural gas dependency on the Russian Federation, which proved to be problematic when there was a disruption of gas

supply for more than 14 days in January 2009. Heat production in the biomass power plant opens the doors for energy independence from supplies of natural gas, which has been used for production and distribution of heat also in the town of Bardejov Replacement of conventional fossil fuels (natural gas, coal) by a domestic organic source - biomass and/or other renewable sources of energy

enables us to achieve not only reduction in greenhouse gas emissions but also that the money remains within the region, not flowing out of the country. Cultivation and preparation of biomass in the local conditions also secure creation of new permanent jobs and this even in the areas that are not interesting for foreign investors due to poorly built infrastructure.

Impacts on the enviroment

  • reduction in price for heat by 10 % compared to the price of heat produced from natural gas - about 100 EUR per each household per year
  • reduction in need for gas means independence for the town from the gas supplies and/or other primary energy sources as well as trouble free heat supply even at the time of "gas crisis"
  • utilization of wood waste, whether produced by production or clearing of forests, urban green areas and vegetation; provision of wood waste marketing for wood processing industry as well as forest industry throughout the year
  • a new source of electric power will ensure improvement of conditions in the electrical power network in the town, decrease in potential power outages, helping potential for the development of businesses in the town
  • 12 boiler houses in the centre of the town polluting the air will be put out of action and replaced by 1 power plant using biomass, located on the outskirts of the town, in the industrial zone
  • building up of primary distribution creates the possibility of cheaper heat also for those citizens and/or businesses that have not been able to or have not had a chance to connect to the distribution network of the company Bardterm s.r.o.
  • inderct - secondary increase in employment when cleaning of forests after felling, preparation of fuel and logistics (almost 300 people every 100 000 m3 of wood)
  • financing of cultural, social events as well as sports events organized by the town of Bardejov
  • the company Bardenergy s.r.o. will annually contribute to cultural and sports activities in the town by the amount of more than 33 000 EUR (1 mil. Sk) and will also build up a Children's Park in 2010
  • on 5th December 2009, the Company made a present of a wooden Betlehem to the citizens of the town